Connect ANT tool to salesforce org

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In Previous Post we have discussed about how to install ANT tool for windows .Now we need to connect your salesforce org with ANT in your local machine. To deploy and retrive data from salesforce org

For that enter into files where you extracted salesforce ant folder
1. Ant-Salesforce –> sample –> open with notepad
2. Replace sf.username: [email protected]

Note : sf.serverurl = change url into if you want to use for sandbox

3. Create a folder named as target in ANT’s Installation folder inside bin

4. Copy and paste build.xml into new target folder

5. create a package.xml in your new folder target

6. To get all class into your org we need to use ant retrieveUnpackaged

check folder retrieveTarget to check your classes and trigger

7. Open Command Prompt in your system and navigate to ANT path  type

Ant – retrieveTarget

8. To get class from org.

Hurry !! 😎 😎 😎 Now retrieve all class from org into local machine.

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