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Salesforce Integration Interview Questions

1. what is integration ?
A. Integration is a process of connecting two applications

2. what is webservices ?
A. Webservices is a functionality or code which helps to us to do integration.

3. what is Protocal ?
A. Protocal is contains set of instructions or rules.

4. How many types of API’s avaliable in salesforce ?
A. SOAP API, REST API, Bulk API and Streaming API.

5. What is Call In and Call Out?

A. Call In is used to exposing our webservices to another users
Call Out is used to invoking or consuming our webservices to others.

6. What is WSDL ?
A. WSDL stands for Webservices Description Langugage.
It contains types, messages,port types and Binding.

7. How SOAP can be accessed ?
A. SOAP can be communicate through WSDL file, without WSDL file we can’t do integration.
Message format in SOAP is XML

8. How to do callout integration ?
A. Generate WSDL code from class
Path: setup-develop -apex class

9. Limitataions of WSDL file ?
A. File must be in .WSDL extenstion.
Multiple port types and binding will not allowed
Import and Inheritance operations are not supported.

10. What is remote site settings ?
A. Remote site settings is used to authorize the endpoint and allow us to whom integrate(end user)

11. How manys ways to XML parsing ?
A. They are two ways of XML parsing
1. XML streams

12. How to read root element in XML DOM ?
A. getroot element

13.How to read child element in XML DOM ?
A. getchild element

14.How to read all child elements in XML DOM ?
A. getchild elements

15. How to read text between tags ?
A. gettext

16. How SOAP and REST will Communicate ?
A. SOAP will communicate through WSDL file
REST will communicate through HTTP file

17. what are methods in REST

18. How REST can be accessed or which message format REST supports ?
A. REST supports both XML and JSON

19. What is JSON ?
JSON stands for JavaScript Object Notation. JSON is light weighted than XML

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